Roof Moss Removal & Cleaning

Living in the northwest of Ireland we’re all too familiar with seeing unsightly clumps of moss growing on our roofs.

Apart from being unsightly and generally taking away from the overall look of your house, if left untreated this moss will continue to grow over time and it will eventually damage the slates or tiles underneath it.

A lot of moss on a roof will hold moisture after spells of wet weather and can cause unnecessary additional load on the overall structure. During frosty winter months, the freeze-thaw effect on moisture retained by the moss can erode slates and tiles and in some cases causes breakages or long term damage.

Bio Wash as a business have invested in specialised equipment that can remove all excess moss from the surface of the slates or tiles using telescopic poles and scraping tools before applying a 100% environmentally friendly low pressure softwash treatment. This treatment attacks and kills the root of the moss and any other lychen or algae from the surface of the roof, leaving a protective film which prevents moss from reappearing for up to three years.

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