Pebbledash/Roughcast Algae Removal & Cleaning

Traditional pebbledash and more recently roughcast render is a very common finish used on exterior walls of houses in Ireland. These type of finishes are attractive for home owners because they can require considerably less frequent painting than other smoother finishes.

Over time these rough texture surfaces become a magnet for natural bacteria and algae that circulates in the air and over time this algae appears as red, green or black stains on the surface. These stains are especially noticeable on north and east facing walls which have less direct sunlight during the day.

Up until recently there has been a common misconception that the best way to treat these common red or green stains was to either using a high powered pressure washer or to simply paint over it, neither of which actually solves the problem.

Pressure washing a pebbledash or roughcast exterior finish is not an effective solution as it can damage or gouge the surface and it can also drive the root of the algae into the recesses on this type of finish which means it will start regrowing immediately after the power washing.

Our low pressure softwash cleaning equipment is safe for use on all types of pebbledash, dry-dash, roughcast plaster and natural stone finishes. This more passive cleaning technology ensures that the red & green algae, moss, lichen or black mould around your home is treated and removed properly with virtually no risk of damage or discolouration to the underlying surface itself which can be caused by power or jet washing.

We use environmentally friendly chemicals to safely treat the surface algae without any risk to plants, grass or pets. Our Safewash algae treatment is a unique blend of natural and organically certified ingredients. It is Non-Hazardous, Non-Corrosive and Non-Toxic.

A pole fed softwash cleaning system also enables us to treat peaks of gables or two storey buildings with ease without the need for ladders. This system is powered by an electric pump which keeps noise levels to a minimum so there is virtually no disturbance in built up areas.

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